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Auto Buying Consultant Service

Free Auto Buying Consultant Service…

Before you Buy your next Auto...Check with Carter

Carter Credit Union offers you our Free Auto Buying Consultant service that provides the following:

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Step 1 The Vehicle

If you already know which vehicle you're looking for, that’s great! If not, your Carter Auto Buying Consultant will determine your specific needs and priorities in your selection.  The more we learn about you, the more we can help you choose the car that's right for you.  Our consultants will not only do the research for your new vehicle, but will also do the price negotiating. They will work hard to make certain you get a great price. We remove the hassle of going back and forth at the dealership.  Auto Buying Consultants can even coordinate with local dealerships so you can stop by and test drive. 

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Step 2 Consultation

As part of our consultation, we’ll work with you to determine your vehicle needs. Most car dealers will only be concerned about the monthly payment you feel you can afford. They simply want you to sign a contract for any car on their lot regardless of whether it’s in your best interest. Our Consultants will make certain the purchase you make will be one that you feel confident in. We’ll make certain you get a great deal on your auto purchase, and we’ll work to get you the highest value for your trade-in (if you have one), as well as defining the right term and payments most suitable for you. You will know you made the right choice because you checked with Carter!

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Step 3 Dollars and Cents

Because Carter Credit Union provides financing at competitive pricing, we are here to handle your complete purchase from start to finish.  Our Consultants will not only take care of your selection and purchasing process, they will also have you 100% prepared for financing that is convenient for your lifestyle. It’s not only important for you to feel you received proper financing, but most important that you received a great deal on your auto purchase and your trade-in…and that you did not overpay for certain add-ons or unnecessary fees.

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Kristin Robinson

Kristin Robinson

E-Lending Specialist/Auto Buying Consultant
Direct Line: 318-382-4431
Text: 318-687-1263

Jennifer Price

E-Lending Specialist/Auto Buying Consultant
Direct Line: 318-210-7878
Text: 318-382-7831

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