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Protect Yourself From Financial Scam

Financial scams come in many shapes and sizes. But whether it’s email phishing, phony phone calls, or sketchy services, the fraudsters behind them all want to trick you into paying for something you don’t need—at best. At worst, they’re out to rob you.

However, while scammers are becoming increasingly clever, there are some tried and true tactics to help keep your finances secure, no matter how they try to fool you. Always remember:

  • Never purchase a gift card to pay for repairs or fees.
  • Never give your card number out to someone who calls you. If someone says you owe money for a penalty or service you were unaware of, ask for a copy of the bill to be mailed to you for examination.
  • A Credit Union Employee will never ask you for your debit card PIN number.
  • Secret Shopper programs never pay in advance by check.
  • Programs asking you to pay money in order to access more money are scams.
  • Scammers try to intimidate their victims into quick action.  A legitimate caller will not discourage you from reviewing the information with someone you trust.